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Yarennoka! Risen From The Ashes

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A press conference was held today in Japan where it was announced by former DSE staff members that there will be a new years eve event in Saitama Super Arena called “Yarennoka!”. The event will be supported by M-1 Global Mixed Martial Arts and some of the names present at the press conference were Nobuhiko Takada, Lenny Hardt (the woman announcer), Shigeru Saeki (from DEEP) and Daisuke Sato (the man who made the Pride videos, theatrics and other visual stuff). They didn’t confirm anything about if there will be any future events after this.

Here is the website for the event and some big names are already announced. The event will be aired on SkyPerfecTV PPV in Japan.

Date: 31/12-2007
Place: Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

Emelianenko Fedor
Shinya Aoki
Mitsuhiro Ishida
Tatsuya Kawajiri
Hidehiko Hasegawa
Hayato Sakurai
Kazuo Misaki
Joachim Hansen
Luiz Azeredo
Ricardo Arona
Gilbert Melendez

Rumored Participants:
Aleksander Emelianenko
Roman Zentsov

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