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Kawajiri’s DS Training! Mirko To Japan

Kawajiri’s DS Training

Tatsuya Kawajiri showed his Nintendo DS with the game “Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day” during an open training session with Mitsuhiro Ishida yesterday. The game gives your eyes a workout and helps improve eye movement, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and other things.

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Mirko CroCop On His Way

Here is a video with Mirko before his departure to Japan.

Mark Hunt To DREAM After K-1 Title Fight?

The Japan MMA site has an article up from an interview with Mark Hunt where he says that his K-1 fight with Semmy Schilt is the only K-1 rules fight in his current contract, the rest are MMA.

Hidetaka Monma Preparing For “Mach”

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