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American Top Team! Japan Schedule

From AmericanTopTeam.com:

April 28th DREAMS Japan

Denis Kang vs TBA
Marcelo Garcia Vs TBA

May 18th WVR Japan

Jeff Monson pending
Jorge Santiago pending

Jorge Santiago is a good signing by WVR. 2007 was a great year for him as he went 4-0 and won the Strikeforce 4-Man Tournament. Maybe a fight between Santiago and Sasaki will happen at SENGOKU II as Sasaki was supposed to face him in the first round of the Strikeforce Tournament. The other three aren’t surprising, Monson has fights all over the world lined up this year.

Date: May 18th, 2008
Place: Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan

Roger Gracie
Satoru Kitaoka
Yoshihiro Nakao
Yuki Sasaki

Possible Participants:
Kevin Randleman
Jorge Santiago
Jeff Monson

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  1. ville
    March 25, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Monson will be also fighting Randleman June 21st for GFC, then he will fight Brad Imes May 17th and Paul Buentello 31st, well that whats Monson said in interview, but CFC’s website says that Monson will be fighting Ricco Rodriguez in May 17th, not Brad Imes. Dont know which one is right but thats looks like a busy schedule.

    And Randleman WILL be fighting in Sengoku II, atleast he has said in interviews that he will be fighting WVR card in May 18th, but he doesnt have opponent yet. So I would say that he is fighting, not maybe fighting.

  2. March 25, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Yeah, I have read Randleman’s interviews, but best to have him as possible until an official announcement from WVR. Most fighters on the possible lists are almost sure to be in.

    Strange that ATT put Monson up as possible for Sengoku on their site while it looks like he’s fighting Ricco one day before.

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