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Combat Wrestling! Teacher Vs. Student

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At the 14th All-Japan Combat Wrestling Championships two days ago Takanori Gomi competed in an exhibition tag team match against the man who developed Combat Wrestling, Noriaki Kiguchi (the man who is facing Gomi first in the video below). Kiguchi Gym is where Gomi’s career really started as he joined the gym after he dropped out of school and his parents disowned him.

Another thing to note is that Satoru Kitaoka won the tournament in the 80 kg class. He is one of the new signings of WVR and will probably get a shot at Gomi if he wins a couple of fights. He has defeated fighters such as Carlos Condit, Hidehiko Hasegawa, Paul Daley, Fabricio Monteiro and Kurt Pellegrino. Now he is going down to the Lightweight division for his SENGOKU debut.

(Photo by: Kamipro)

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  1. November 24, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Kiguchi, I do believe this is Jack Minor’s friend. If so, you took me to Sumo. Rebecca, his niece. Will be in Japan in Feb/Mar 2012.

    Let me know if I have the right person or not.

    Rebecca Hirst

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