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Rumors! We Are Heading For The Three Events In 20 Days Period

No point in having a blog inside a blog. More posts from now on, even though they might be short.

March 23rd – Nick Thompson Has Three Fights Left With WVR

MMAFighting.com: What is your status with World Victory Road?

Thompson: I have got a four-fight deal with them. So I have three fights left and it’s non-exclusive and I’m expected to sign something with HCF (Hardcore Championship Fighting) up in Canada in the day or two. So I’ll be fighting for those two organizations, kinda switching in between the two.

MMAFighting.com: For your next fight, are we going to see you at the HCF first or right back to World Victory Road?

Thompson: Sounds like I’ll be fighting HCF next and then possibly returning to Japan in June.

Read the whole interview here.


March 23rd – Gomi To Fight At SENGOKU III Next

It looks like Gomi’s next fight will be at SENGOKU III in Saitama Super Arena on June 8th.



March 23rd – Misaki Still With WVR?

I know that Misaki’s contract with WVR was only for one fight, but in this new Sherdog article it says:

Grabaka frontman Sanae Kikuta , as well as World Victory Road executive and J-ROCK president Takahiro Kokuho are reportedly leading the negotiations with Strikeforce, which would reportedly allow Misaki retain the ability to fight for WVR’s Sengoku promotion in Japan while competing in Strikeforce stateside.

So it seems like he will continue fighting for SENGOKU.


March 21st – Jacare In DREAM Middleweight GP?

Throwdown: When is your next MMA fight & with what organization?

Jacare: April 29, 2008 for DREAM 2 in Japan 185lbs weight.

Read the whole interview here.


March 21st – Daniel Acacio In DREAM Middleweight GP?

Rudimar Fedrigo says that there is a strong possibility that Acacio will participate in the GP after his recent victory in Finland.


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