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DREAM X SENGOKU II: The New Challengers

Magomed Sultanakhmadov

Russian Magomed Sultanakhmadov trains at Club Volk Han and is a Hero’s veteran. He has a 4-1 MMA record and according to the DREAM website, he also has a 34-1 Kickboxing/Muay Thai record. He is 188 cm tall and only 23 years old. He fought his one and only Hero’s fight last year at Hero’s Korea where he defeated Eun Soo Lee by TKO in the first round.

vs. Eun Soo Lee

The leader of Club Volk Han is of course Sambo legend Volk Han, who fought mostly in RINGS during his MMA career. With Magomed’s Muay Thai background and Club Volk Han, where main focus is probably on Sambo, he might be the dark horse of the DREAM Middleweight GP.

Volk Han Highlight

Dan Hornbuckle

American Dan Hornbuckle has fought most of his career in smaller events in North America but has in his recent fights taken a step up in organizations by fighting in HCF and bodogFIGHT. He is 27 years old, has a 15-1 record and is very tall for a welterweight (188cm/6’2″). He also has good results from grappling competitions. In December 2007 he placed first at the 1st Jiu-Jitsu World No-Gi Championship in the Medium Heavy Blue Belt Class.

vs. Mike Bodziak (02-18-2006, TFC V)
vs. Justin Wilcox (09-09-2006, TFC VI)
vs. Matt Shaw (04-28-2007, TFC VIII)

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