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GLADIATOR Is Back! Minowaman Vs. The Predator

In June of 2004, a big two-day event was held in South Korea, called GLADIATOR. These two days which consisted of 16 fights together included many big names like Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Minowaman and Anderson Silva. Now the event is back and the men behind it are DEEP boss Shigeru Saeki and CMA president Hidekatsu Morooka. The event will take place on August 16th in Momotaro Arena in Okayama, Japan and is advertised as a Japan and South Korea friendship event.

Four fights were announced today. In an MMA rules fight Minowaman returns after his loss against Kin Taiei on DREAM.2 to take on Don Frye. Newly crowned DEEP Lightweight champion Pang Sung Hwan will also participate against Japanese Akihiko Mouri. K-1 veterans Gary Goodridge and Hiromi Amada will fight in a K-1 rules fight.

I also think that they have offered Kiyoshi Tamura and Hikaru Sato (the guy who got KO’d when he had mount) fights because they are from Okayama. Matsui who is one of the announced participants is also from Okayama.

Japan-Korea International Goodwill Kakutougi Taikai GLADIATOR
Date: August 16th, 2008
Place: Momotaro Arena in Okayama, Japan

MMA Rules: Minowaman vs. Don Frye
MMA Rules: Pang Sung Hwan vs. Akihiko Mouri
K-1 Rules: Gary Goodridge vs. Hiromi Amada

Japan Vs. Korea, 5 Fights:
CMA KPW Open-Weight Title Match: Daijiro Matsui vs. Eun Soo Lee

(Photo By: GBRing)

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