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Bojan Kosednar! Slovenia’s Best MMA Fighter

Name: Bojan Kosednar
Age: 25
Height: 173 cm
Country: Slovenia
Background: Judo
Titles: Kombat League 77 Kg Champion

MMA Record: 6-1

Not much is known about Bojan Kosednar, but he has become very popular in Slovenia during his MMA career and has been featured in the biggest Slovenian newspaper. All of his fights have been in Europe, mostly in the WFC organization in Slovenia. He has also fought in Italy, Croatia, and very recently in England where he received his first loss against Paul Daley in his biggest fight to date in Cage Warriors. He has fought at Welterweight before and is now dropping down to 70 kg for SENGOKU’s Lightweight GP.

Bojan likes to ground and pound, but if his opponents give their back or an arm, he will go for it. He likes to work toward full mount but has a tendency to get reversed in that position sometimes. He is good at getting back to his feet when he is on his back but he also goes for submission attempts and is active with strikes from the bottom. He uses both punches and kicks on the feet and has gotten better since the early fights of his career. He has fought in both the ring and the cage.

Bojan Kosednar vs. Ivica Kriste
Bojan Kosednar vs. Miran Fabjan
Bojan Kosednar vs. Fabricio Nascimento Part 1, 2, 3

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