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Live Updates! Nozadze In Beijing

Ramaz first match is coming up soon, in his weight class Mirko Englich defeated Korean Han Tae-Young and Elis Guri defeated 2004 gold medalist Karam Gaber. Right now Lajos Virag is in the lead against American Adam Wheeler.

The American could turn it around and win by points in the 3rd round in a close match. Samir Bouguerra vs. Huachen Jiang from China coming up.

Jiang won both rounds quite easily and advanced, time for Nozadze.

Ramaz won a close match by 2-0 and advances to the quarterfinals at 11:50 (but it will probably be later).

His quarterfinal opponent will be Marek Svec from the Czech Republic who won an exhausting 3 rounder.

Russian Aslanbek Khushtov won his 1/8 final match in impressive fashion, he could be the semifinal opponent of Ramaz, he is the 2008 World Cup and European Championships gold medalist.

Mindaugas Ezerskis from Lithuania won the last 1/8 final match.

German Mirko Englich advances to the semifinals after winning a close 3 rounder.

American Adam Wheeler won his quarterfinal match after getting dominated in the first round, Ramaz is up next.

Ramaz lost in another close match. Both of them were very defensive and waited for the ball, it was a lottery, the one who get the ball won the round, and unfortunately the Czech got the ball two times.

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