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Mizuto Hirota! The Cage Force Lightweight Champion


Name: Mizuto Hirota
Age: 27
Height: 171 cm
Hometown: Isahaya, Japan
Gym: Gutsman Shooto Dojo
Background: Boxing / Judo / Sumo Wrestling

2004 Chubu Amateur Shooto Welterweight Champion
4th East-Japan Amateur Shooto Welterweight 3rd Place
11th All-Japan Amateur Shooto Welterweight Champion
2005 Shooto Welterweight Rookie Tournament Champion
2nd Cage Force Lightweight Champion

MMA Record: 9-2

Mizuto Hirota first started in Amateur Shooto where he won an 11-Man Amateur Shooto Tournament in Chubu on March 7th, 2004. He won by armbar in the final fight. He then placed third in the 4th East-Japan Amateur Shooto Championships and won the 11th All-Japan Amateur Shooto Championships in September that same year.


Fighters doing good in the All-Japan have good chances of being promoted to Professional Shooto. So naturally, Hirota made his Professional Shooto debut shortly thereafter, in February of 2005. He went on to win the 2005 Shooto Rookie Of The Year Welterweight Tournament when he defeated Yoshihiro Koyama in his third pro fight.

Hirota continued to win in Shooto and improved his record to 6-0. However, after two back-to-back losses against Takashi Nakakura and Ganjo Tentsuku, who recently fought each other for the Shooto Welterweight Title, Hirota moved to Cage Force where he has now won three fights in a row by (T)KO. He also won the Cage Force Lightweight Title in his third Cage Force fight against Tomonari Kanomata.

Mizuto Hirota vs. Jin Kazeta Part 1, 2
Mizuto Hirota vs. Ganjo Tentsuku Part 1, 2
Mizuto Hirota vs. Johnny Frachey
Mizuto Hirota vs. Tomonari Kanomata
Mizuto Hirota Video Interview

(Photos By: B-J-J.com)

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