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Final Preparations! SENGOKU IV

#12: More Media + PBP

Video interviews with Bang and Gomi on Sherdog.com. Weigh-in video on Sherdog.com.

There will be a live PBP at Japan-MMA.com for people who can’t watch it live or don’t want to wait and watch it afterward.

#11: The SENGOKU Lightweight Title

(Photos By: Sportsnavi & GBRing)

#10: Weigh-In Results

Takanori Gomi – 69.9 kg
Bang Seung Hwan – 70 kg
Satoru Kitaoka – 70 kg
Clay French – 69.9 kg
Eiji Mitsuoka – 69.9 kg
Rodrigo Damm – 69.9 kg
Kazunori Yokota – 69.9 kg
Bojan Kosednar – 69.7 kg
Mizuto Hirota – 69.9 kg
Ryan Schultz – 69.8 kg

Makoto Takimoto – 82 kg
Frank Trigg – 82.9 kg

Pawel Nastula – 101.6 kg
Yang Dong Yi – 100.1 kg
Peter Graham – 111.1 kg
Moise Rimbon – 95.9 kg
Kazuo Takahashi – 94.5 kg
Valentijn Overeem – 108.2 kg

#9: SENGOKU IV Preview

SENGOKU IV preview on Sherdog.com.

#8: Ryan Schultz Video Interview

Ryan Schultz video interview from Japan on Sherdog.com.

#7: Frank Trigg Article

A good Frank Trigg article on Sherdog.com. Really good coverage by Sherdog for this event.

#6: Ryan Schultz Interview

Ryan Schultz interview and SENGOKU IV talk on the Jordan Breen Show yesterday. Listen or download here.

#5: Takanori Gomi In Nagano

On Takanori Gomi’s newly designed website there are some videos of him at a very recent training camp in Nagano. He looks to be in good shape.

#4: Bang Seung Hwan Interview

Korean interview with Bang Seung Hwan translated to English by a member of the Kakutougi Forums.

#3: Frank Trigg Is In Japan

(Photo By: Sportsnavi)

#2: The DEEP Lightweight King Has Arrived

#1: Satoru Kitaoka Video Interview

Satoru Kitaoka video interview at Sherdog.com.

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