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Mirko Vs. Alistair At DREAM.6?!

First, here is a recent Mirko CroCop interview. Thanks to http://www.betwwx.com/ufc-odds/ for the translation and many other Mirko news that have been sent to me in the past.

These days, Mirko Filipovic is going to Amsterdam to train stand-up.

“My knee is excellent (after surgery). I dont have any problems. I am in good shape and I am preparing for my next fight which will happen on 23th September for sure.

“Today I am going to Amsterdam where I will be preparing with Remy Bonjasky and Ivan Hyppolite. I trained in Zagreb with Dean Lister who is one of the best grapplers. It wasnt just preparation for this fight, its allways good to have that kind of sparing partner.”

“It isnt still confirmed, but I would like to fight vs Overeem. I really dont know why he said that kind of statements. I was never choosing my opponents. That kind of conversation is not my style but I would like to say to him to save his strength for ring, not for talking. I really want this fight.

“He is good fighter, excellent puncher, and also good in parter. He had 93 kg and he jumped to 108 kilos and with his 196 centimeters he really looks impressive. But weight is always a two-edged sword.”

“I am in great shape and I believe that there should not be any problem” said Mirko about that fight

Source: Index.hr

In even more recent Mirko news, a Croatian article and video on Dnevnik.hr says that Mirko will fight Alistair Overeem at DREAM.6. Thanks to PunchDrunkGamer.com for the translation.


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