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New Mirko CroCop Interview! Ishida Returns

New Mirko CroCop Interview

Thanks to Robert at betwwx for sending a translated summary of a new Croatian Mirko CroCop video interview:

-Says he hasn’t had any breaks, has been training all summer
-Overeems youth or reach/height advantage will be not be a factor.
-He is pissed off at Overeem for all his comments and said that he has crossed the line
-that if he loses to Alistair he will jump in a barrel of tar naked in the biggest Amsterdam square and throw feathers on himself and run around until the police hospitalizes him ad deports back to Croatia
-hasn’t decided if he’ll return to ufc, stay with dream or fight with another org.
-doesnt think he’ll get to fight fedor this year.
-and doesnt know when he’ll retire but currently feels very good about his career.

The video also contains some training footage, click here to check it out.

Ishida Returns

DREAM veteran Mitsuhiro Ishida will make his MMA return after his submission loss to Caol Uno to take on Justin Wilcox on September 20th at Strikeforce. Kazuo Misaki will also fight on this card.

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