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SENGOKU Gets TV Deal With TV Tokyo!

According to nikkansports.com SENGOKU have gotten a TV deal with TV Tokyo. On the 27th this month (the day before SENGOKU V) a 1-hour program will be shown that will be about SENGOKU I-IV. After that, starting from October 6th, a 25-minute show will air every week with the (temporary) name SENGOKUG (G=Gold) (戦極G). And also, SENGOKU’s new years event, which the article says is on January 4th, will get a 2-hour (or more) slot on the network. There are comments made by WVR PR Kuniyasu in the article.

Update: The 25-minute shows will be aired from 12:35 AM to 1:00 AM on Sunday midnights. Kakutou Ou (K-1 MAX/DREAM weekly show on TBS) airs at around 1:35 AM to 2:10 AM on Tuesday midnights and SRS (show mostly about K-1 on Fuji TV), which I think is ending soon, airs at 2:20 AM to 2:50 AM on Friday midnights.

TV Tokyo is known for their anime shows like Naruto, Bleach, and Pokemon. K-1 MAX and DREAM are on TBS, K-1 is on Fuji TV, PRIDE was on Fuji TV, and K-1 and PRIDE have both been on NTV before. TV Tokyo is the smallest of the five major broadcasters in Japan:

Japan’s major commercial broadcasters are NTV, TBS, Fuji TV, TV Asahi and TV Tokyo. These commercial stations provide free terrestrial TV broadcasts, and are the equivalent of network television in the United States. Regionally, the programming is broadcast to each area of Japan via local stations. All of the broadcasters cover a similar range in programming, from drama, documentary, animation, general entertainment and news. – TVWiki

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