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CroCop TV Interview! Additional Information

I already posted about this before but thanks to Robert at betwwx for linking me to the video of the TV interview and sharing his own translation, which is a little more detailed:

CroCop returns to the ring for the first time since his dream debut and exactly two years after winning the Pride OWGP..

Re Overeem comments:
“I was prepared to fight anyone at my debut in Dream but Overeem want available”

“Provocation its part of the sports, however it would be wise of him to save his energy for the ring”

“The most likely winners of the two heavyweight matches me and Kharitonov will face of for the HW title match.”

Alistair gained 10 kgs so he can fight in the Heavyweight division. Mirko: “That can be a two-sided blade and it probably is. Weight accumulation in a short period of time affects the conditioning of a fighter.Even though he looks like hes preparing for Bodybuilding contest, I don’t find that as a advantage for him.”

Its speculated that the winners of the two fights (CC vs Overeem & Mighty Mo vs Kharitonov) will fight for the belt. Mirko: ” I think that the winners of the two fights will fight for the belt, which means me and Kharitonov will fight on the new years eve.”

Also check out this post at SukiMMA about Kawajiri’s new project.


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