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After DREAM.6! From Japan To Croatia

Many translated Mirko CroCop articles in this post. All thanks to Robert from MMA betting site betwwx (where you now find the SENGOKU V odds).

1. After The Bout

Cro Cop Wanted to Fight On: I Knew My Time Would Come

“Alaister was ahead on points, however its a 15 minute fight and i knew my time would come” said Mirko

Mirko wanted to continue to fight, however the ringside doctor prevented him from continuing.

“I’m angry it ended this way, it seemed as if he was the dominant one, however i wasn’t in trouble for a second and was waiting for my opportunities. I prepared very well because i thought the match could last a while. I thought i would knock him down in the end”

His manager Zvonimir Lučić confirmed that he wanted to continue the fight however the ringside officials prevented it as a precaution.

His manager stated that the injury is not a serious one. He doesn’t know when the rematch will take place however they want one as soon as possible.

Source: index.hr

2. Phone Interview From Japan I

Cro Cop: He Had The Upper Hand

Cro Cop Dream of winning the heavyweight championship belt have been severely dented after 3 brutal groin shots to the Croatian fighter.

“First I don’t deny the fact that for few minutes we were fighting he had the upper hand” said Mirko.

“There was alot of blood and it looked bad”

“The match was halted because of 3 groin shots I expect another match with Overeem at the NYE event”

Until then we await the return of the real Cro Cop.

Source: dnevnik.hr

3. Phone Interview From Japan II

Cro Cop: I will pay him back two fold

Cro Cop was disappointed that the match could continue and that it didn’t last the whole 15 minutes.

“He kept the distance well, he tried to get me into the clinch and trow me to the ground from there. I slipped during the first take down and the second takedown I mistimed my high kick landing it on his shoulder.”

“I wasn’t in trouble on the ground, I felt composed and calm. The groin injury occurred because my cup had moved while we were in the clinch.”

“Trust me I will pay him back twofold when we meet again, I believe the match will be held at the NYE event.”

Source: sportal.hr

4. Interview At Zagreb Airport

Mirko Filipovic is back in Croatia. The job in Japan wasnt done. His fight in Japan against Alistair Overeem was stopped because the Dutchman hit Cro Cop three times in the genitals after which Cro Cop couldn’t resume.

Mirko showed up at the airport in sunglasses at around 20h. Overeem smashed both of his arcades and he has two stitches on both sides. Scratches are also visible on his forehead and neck, but Cro Cop was in the mood for a short chat and said that he was upset that the match had to be stopped because he was sure that his chance would come if they were to resume.

“I’m dissapointed with the outcome of the fight, I was immaculately prepared for this fight, but in came out the way it did. The third strike to my balls was very strong, but thats part of the sport and the job.”

After the fight there were quit a lot of suggestions that it was better for Cro Cop that the fight was stopped because he didn’t have a chance, but Cro Cop said that until the third strike to the nuts he wasn’t even hurt.

“I would like to go into the fact if the strikes were deliberate or not. I know some people were saying that I was saved by the fact the match was ended. There was blood, but those cuts were nothing, small cuts to the arcades and I wasn’t hurt until I got hit in the nuts. The third strike into the nuts was very powerful and the biggest problem was that the cup squashed my nuts. I’m sad, I’m sure that he is also but we’ll meet again on NYE to settle the score.” Stressing that the fight isn’t confirmed by dream yet but its highly likely.

Filipovic is confident da he would of got his chance in the remainder of the fight because Overeems condition is his weak point.
“I must admit that he had the initiative, especially after I first hit the matt. Apart from that I had a small injury on my knee and I couldn’t throw him of myself as I need to use both feet for that. I think that nothing that happened in the fight was worrying for me. I was frightened the ref would stop the fight because of the bleeding. Overeem started the fight well, but his conditioning is his biggest problem and the question remains how he would been later in the fight.”

Overeem said after the match that he didn’t hit CC the third time and that CC faked it because he knew he would lose the fight.
“If the Goat is lying his horn isn’t, I think the video footage shows everything, he hit me.”

We can hear more often than ever from the fans that he should call it a day and that his best is past him.

CC replies:
Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong. First I need to relax, I need to go to the hospital for some check ups. I still have some problems, I pissed blood, but thats all part of the job.”

And off Filipovic went….

Source: index.hr

5. CroCop’s Doctor Talks

Mirko will have to undergo a testicle exam which got injured in the Overeem fight.
Mirko’s genitals still hurt a lot says dr. Zeljko Kapulica.

˝Mirko’s left testicle is still hurting and I have to examine it to determine whether it’s stable in the scrotum; complications might occur if the testicle rotates and clogs the blood vessels. Also I need to check if the inguinal canal in which his testicle was pushed in is open because it could lead to a hernia.

Mirko also feels pain in the right knee which was operated earlier this year.

˝I advised him to postpone the Overeem fight till New Year but he insisted on fighting in September. The problem is he couldn’t rotate the right knee as much as he wanted which is essential for his LHK and that’s why he didn’t try to get of the ground because he was afraid of making a wrong move.˝

Source: sportal.hr

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