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Ryo Kawamura! Light Heavyweight KOP

SENGOKU fighters Ryo Kawamura and Maximo Blanco both participated in the Pancrase Shining Tour event yesterday.

SENGOKU training player Blanco defeated his opponent, Hiroki Aoki, by referee stoppage after a couple of slams and some hammerfists. However, it seems that he still has to calm himself down a little after the referee stoppages:

Again displaying his terrifying power but lack of control, Sengoku-sponsored Maximo Blanco predictably destroyed 0-1-0 Hiroki Aoki.

The Pan Ams freestyle bronze medalist opened with a stiff jab and then quickly clinched in the corner. Soon after, a pair of hard slams from Blanco followed by some hammerfists put Aoki out and the ref jumped in to call it. The ref had to act again, however, when Blanco attempted to jump back on Aoki and keep punching, and then Blanco jumped at the ref for the second consecutive fight before turning and sprinting around the ring in victory. – Sherdog.com

Ryo Kawamura faced Kei Yamamiya in the main event of the event. When Yamamiya defeated Kawamura in December 22nd of 2007, it was a start of an impressive three fight win streak for him. However, that win streak came to an end yesterday as Kawamura got the unanimous decision after three rounds and became the Light Heavyweight KOP:

Ryo Kawamura won the King of Pancrase light heavyweight title Wednesday at Kourakuen Hall against the experienced Keiichiro Yamamiya.

With Kawamura coming off a close decision loss to Kevin Randleman in the second installment of Sengoku and the No. 1-ranked Yamamiya riding a three-fight winning streak, the pressure on Kawamura could be clearly seen as he stared down his opponent throughout his entrance.

Kawamura let out all that built-up tension in the first, and Yamamiya was only too happy to oblige. After a brief standoff, Kawamura took the center of the ring and threw a constant stream of power punches. Yamamiya, the more mobile, worked his punches from the outside and circled.

The second round at times resembled Frye-Takayama, with the pair gripping each other’s lead hand and delivering unblocked crosses over and over. The champion finally won the power battle and trapped Yamamiya in the corner. From there, Kawamura used dirty boxing to open a cut between Yamamiya’s eyes and land powerful, unanswered knees.

The final round again saw Kawamura trap his opponent in the corner to land uppercuts and hooks from the clinch and also a powerful middle kick. After grabbing each other’s hands again, the fighters resumed trading power shots and tried to end the fight.

Somehow the bout went to the judges. Although it wasn’t a particularly close one, Yamamiya certainly landed his fair share but still dropped the unanimous decision to Kawamura. – Sherdog.com

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