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Paul Daley To SENGOKU?! CroCop Vs. Overeem Article Translation

Paul Daley To SENGOKU?

From a new article on Sherdog:

“I am considering fights in December in Canada, the UK or Holland and I am 99% sure I’ll make a return to Japan in January 2009 for Sengoku,” Daley wrote in an e-mail to Sherdog.com. “As far as exclusive contracts go, I have nothing yet, as we are still trying to establish the legal jargon in my Pro Elite contract. But I hope to be fighting regularly in 2009 with a major U.S. promotion.”

SENGOKU New Year Event
Date: January 4th, 2009
Place: Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

Possible Fights & Participants
SENGOKU Lightweight Title Fight: Takanori Gomi vs. SENGOKU LWGP Winner
SENGOKU Middleweight Title Fight: Kazuo Misaki vs. SENGOKU MWGP Winner
Hidehiko Yoshida
Roger Gracie
Pawel Nastula
Hiroshi Izumi
Paul Daley
Beijing 2008 Medalist

CroCop Vs. Overeem Article Translation

Thanks again to Robert at betwwx for this translation:

Cro Cop goes back to the operating table and confirms Overeem bout

Two months before he’ll gets to ‘revenge’ Overeem, Mirko Cro Cop is once again having injury concerns. His leg remains the problem. He confirmed the new injury in a interview with Nova TV.

“The advice I got from my doctors was that fighting Overeem only two months after my knee operation was a suicide mission. I already had missed the July bout and postponing my September bout was not an options for me. I have only my self to blame.”

Mirko has confirmed the New Years match with Overeem at K1 Dynamite which will feature 5 MMA matches and 5 K1 matches. However he’ll have to undergo another knee surgery after his bout.

“I’ve had several operations this year, and I’ll have to undergo another one straight after the NYE event. Its frustrating to have to undergo all these operations but that’s the sportsmen’s life. Many others have had it worse then me.”

“I’ll prepare for the bout in Zagreb. I’ll continue my partnership with Ivan Hippolyte and Team Vos but I’ll only travel to the Netherlands for a week. I’ll invite my dutch sparing partners to Croatia.”

When asked about his issues inside the ring:

“He fear of defeat is major motivation for every fight not necessary wounds or physical pain. It can become an issue when you’re on a losing streak .” – dnevnik

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