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SENGOKU Announcements Tomorrow! Akiyama Welcome If He Wants To Fight In SENGOKU

WVR PR Takahiro Kokuho (thanks to a poster at bloody elbow for correcting the name) attended Hidehiko Yoshida’s 30th VIVA JUDO today and answered some questions by the press. He said that no negotiations with Akiyama have been made yet but that Akiyama is an interesting fighter and that he is welcome if he wants to fight in SENGOKU. He also said that he has heard that Akiyama might want to fight in the UFC.

He said that SENGOKU NO RAN 2009 will consist of 3 or 4 additional main fights besides the ones already announced and that there will also be 1 or 2 opening fights, so the card will consist of 8-10 fights (note that the title fights are 5 rounds). 1 or 2 fights are planned to be announced tomorrow (Monday) and the rest of the card is planned to be announced sometime next week. There will also be a television-related announcement of the January 4th event tomorrow. I would guess a (maybe 2 hour long) good time slot on TV Tokyo on January 4th.

  1. werd
    December 14, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    I’d like to see a re-match with Misaki some time down the road.

    Signing with zuffa has been a mistake for most fighters. It’s driven men mad(jackson, filho, leben), and driven men over the edge (tanner). Zuffa is a cancer on the sport and I can’t see what Akiyama could possibly gain if he signs there. His only chance at gaining respect would be to beat the title holder at 183 (which he is good enough to do, despite what the so-called experts think). Otherwise, he’ll lose all his rights as a fighter and get lost in the zuffa shuffle, with no chance of upward mobility.

    GPs are playoffs that give all participants a chance to prove they are better than what some zuffa pooch like bloodyelbow writes about them. Fighters don’t have a chance with zuffa. They don’t have anything close to it; ranking don’t exist, opportunity is completely based on popularity. Akiyama wold have no chance.

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