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Legendary Lowkick! Takeda Kozo

Takeda Kozo belonged to the rugby club in his school days and got into Kokushikan University through rugby recommendation. While attending the university, he saw a fight with Branko Cikatic in K-1 and immediately dropped out of the university to start Kickboxing.

He joined Jiseikan Gym and made his New Japan Kickboxing Federation debut on March 19th, 1995.

On January 21st in 2001, he became the fourth foreign fighter to become stadium champion as he defeated Charamdam to win the Rajadamnern Welterweight title. However, he lost the title on September 16th in that same year against a fourth ranked Thai.

In 2003 he entered K-1 and participated in the K-1 MAX Japan Tournament on March 1st. He lost to Masato in the final and finished as the the runner-up of the tournament.

Since then, his career has been on the decline as he has continued to participate mostly in K-1 MAX and NJKF. He last defeated Sean Wright, who you might recognize from “The Contender Asia”, on NJKF Brave Hearts 8 on May 25th this year via judgment decision.

Takeda’s main weapons are his right straight and right lowkick. He has a tendency to cut quite easily though. Kawajiri has the power to hurt him, but will Takeda make it a fight where Kawajiri is allowed to hurt him? Or will Kawajiri’s stand-up training in preparation for this fight make it a tough one for Takeda no matter what?

[Sources: Myself & Wikipedia Japan]

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