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Ratings For Dynamite!! Revisited!

Another look at the Dynamite!! ratings. Some people might think that the Sakuraba fight was in the part that had the lowest rating. However, here are the fights in each part:

Part 1: Minowaman, Andy, Koshien Semifinals, Kyshenko, Sakurai, Tokoro
Part 2: Alistair, Kawajiri, Sapp, Mirko, Koshien Final, Mousasi, Aoki, Sakuraba
Part 3: Manhoef, Schilt

Also, now that all ratings are in, we see that TBS got the second/third best rating on NYE with Dynamite. Of course, NHK won with the song contest, but after that was Dynamite!! or the comedy show (which is really fun) on Nippon TV which got around the same ratings.

How the channel does versus other channels should be more important than the ratings number. So this isn’t a catastrophe in any way, especially considering KID and Masato didn’t participate. But it isn’t good either.

  1. January 4, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    That is great news. Nice insight.

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