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DEEP & CMA! Fan Thanksgiving 2009

On February 10th in Korakuen Hall DEEP & CMA will hold a special Fan Thanksgiving event. DREAM fighter Minowaman and SENGOKU fighter Kazuo Takahashi were announced as the two first participants. They are old training partners and were happy to see each other. Minowaman showed desire that other of their training partners should also participate in this event as some sort of “Pancrase class reunion” and wished for Masakatsu Funaki’s participation.

The event will have a talk show, gift giving, bingo, etc. There will be around 8 fights consisting of MMA rules fights, Pro Wrestling matches, U System matches etc.

DEEP boss Saeki said at the press conference that an 190 cm tall Korean is also planned to participate in this event. I’m guessing he means SENGOKU’s Choi Mu Bae.

Update: Another article says that Saeki said that the Korean is 190 cm tall and weighs 77 kg, so it isn’t Bae. It seems to be a new talent.

DEEP & CMA – Fan Thanksgiving 2009
Date: February 10th, 2009
Place: Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan

Kazuo Takahashi

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