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April Return For J.Z.?! Monson Vs. Roger In March?

J.Z. Calvan To Return In April?

J.Z. Calvan talks in a new article at Tatame. The most interesting part of it via Google translate:

The expectation now is to Gesias to fight for the Dream in April. “I must return to fight in March or April. The most certain is that in April, more so I do not have a date and not the opponent. With Hansen I know that is not because he will be away for at least six months and this year also will not have a GP in my category, because the Dream will make a GP’s featherweight category (63kg) and the welterweight (77kg) ” , Gesias finalized.

Jeff Monson Vs. Roger Gracie In March?

According to a guy from ESPN The Magazine at MMA Live #36, Jeff Monson might be fighting Roger Gracie at SENGOKU VII in March. However, Monson probably has some other things on his mind at this moment. You can read about that here and here.

You can watch the whole MMA Live episode here.

Date: March 20th, 2009
Place: National Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

Possible Fights:
Roger Gracie vs. Jeff Monson

Possible Participants:
Pawel Nastula
Alexandre Franca Nogueira

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