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Next For Mirko! Seriously Considering The UFC?

More Cro Cop UFC comeback rumors

There has been more talk of Mirko Cro Cop making a return to the UFC after Dana White confirmed recent rumors in video interview with Fighters Only Magazine.  White said that the UFC is in early talks with Cro Cop for a comeback to the UFC. He also said that Cro Cop’s return would not be a one off fight deal but that it would be long term contract. He then refuted rumors that his comeback fight would be against MMA veteran Mark “The Hammer” Coleman.  Below is a recent Croatian article that speculates as to what the most likely scenario is for the former Parliamentarian.

Cro Cop To Return To The UFC?

The worlds most popular MMA organization is planning to recruit Mirko Cro Cop for its scheduled event in Cologne, Germany. The event will be the organizations first in Germany and is scheduled for the 12th of June. The news of the talks were first reported by Sherdog, a popular MMA news portal.

According to American sources, Mirko Filipovic (34), is seriously considering a UFC return after his Dream/FEG contract expires. Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, is offering a Cro Cop a main event statues should he accept a new contract with the UFC. The main reason behind offer is the UFC inability to secure either Chuck Liddell or Randy Couture for the card.

Speculation from the Sherdog article suggests that Mirko could either face former champion Tito Ortiz (34) or Brazilian Lyoto Machida (30). However major obstacles remain for the proposed match ups including Ortiz’s unwillingness to move to the heavyweight division and Cro Cop inability to move down the light heavyweight division. (Translation from Croatian news portal, Index)

Late Money on Fedor Wise Investment

If you had been watching the betting lines for Fedor vs. Arloski, you would have noticed a lot late money coming in for Fedor. The betting lines for several major sports books had moved dramatically in the WAMMA champions favor. Naturally it was quite a bad night for the odds makers as the majority of the favorites cashed in on the night. The only upset on the main card turned out be Vitor Belfort’s knockout win over Matt “The Law” Lindland. Four out of five favorites won on the main card. The same number of favorites were victories on the under card.

The next major MMA event is less than a week. UFC 94 betting odds have been up for a while however under card lines should be released on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Most of the betting action on the main event has favoured underdog BJ Penn. His line has come in sharply. Betting lines for the co-main event, Machida vs Silva, have remained steady. UFC 94 is could become the most bet on MMA card in history.

  1. werd
    January 26, 2009 at 3:43 am

    The sherdog article on crocop is a joke. Worse still, this “fighter’s only” nonsense. Crocop has always maintained he may return to zuffa. Not a story.

    Will he? It’s too far down the road to guess at.

    Lyoto is as good as finished with zuffa. Ortiz is finished with them. Anderson Silva is a maybe.

  2. hamad_aj
    January 26, 2009 at 10:08 am

    I cannot either deny nor prove the news of Mirko returning to the UFC, but it can happen.

    Dana White has explained more than once that Mirko is welcome to come back to the UFC for a normal contract(three fight contract, like all other fighters).

    Also, Mirko has pointed out numerous times that he wants to return to the UFC one day to avenge some losses, and to prove himself a great fighter again for several reasons:

    1- The UFC is considered the #1 promotion, and Mirko was beaten twice in it when he participated with them, so he doesnt want to retire leaving questions unanswered both for himself and for his fans.

    2-Mirko wants to prove to the world again, that he is not washed up and that he can still handle some of the best fighters in the world. And since many people think that the UFC is #1, and that UFC fighters are the best, Mirko wants to beat the fighters that the people are calling the best.

    3-Mirko wants to avenge his losses versus Kongo, Gonzaga, and most of all Nogueira.

    Mirko has also pointed out that he wants to have a rematch with Fedor Emelianenko. He said all this a long time ago after he was kicked out of the UFC and before his DREAM comeback fight with Mizuno Tatsuya. You will find it on mma-id.com

    In my opinion, Dana White doesnt need Mirko. Mirko till now hasnt proven himself of coming back from his losses. Dont get me wrong, I am one of Mirko’s biggest fans, but its just that he hasnt proved himself that much since his losses from the UFC. He won Mizuno, which was no match for him at all. He seemed to be doing very badly against Overeem when they fought. So the only fight that gave him a little recognition since then is his TKO over Hong Man Choi.

    So I think Dana White may give Mirko time to get his status again as a feared fighter. I think hell let him fight a couple of times in Japan with DREAM and if Mirko gets on top again with some good wins, I think then Dana will offer him a contract.
    But at the same time, Dana White can give him a contract now and can market Mirko wisely, putting him on some cards as main events and co-main events and get some thousands of dollars off of Mirko, and if Mirko loses, then hell kick him off just like last time. Its Easy for Dana White.

    Anyway, the article seems like just a lie anyway, since first, Tito Ortiz isnt in the UFC to fight against Mirko, and Tito has expressed that he doesnt want to be in the UFC. Also, Lyoto Machida is in Light-heavyweight, and Mirko wont ever go down in weight. Do you see how big Mirko’s legs are?!!? I think Mirko will need to chop one of his legs off to get to Light-Heavyweight!! ;P

    Also, after Mark Coleman’s performance with Shogun recently, I dont think anyone will want to see him soon. So I dont think it will be Mirko vs Coleman.

  3. JaJo
    January 26, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    I think he’ll still return to Japan for his comeback after his surgery. He may then move to the UFC but I dont think it will happen in June.

  4. January 26, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Mirko has said that he wants to have a farewell match on the ufc and thats it, only one match and then he will end his career in japan

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