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The Koreans Of The Featherweight GP’s! Aleksander And Bae Spar

The Korean MMA site MFight mentions three Korean fighters that are likely to participate in the SENGOKU or DREAM Featherweight GP’s this year. They are the always dangerous Kim Jong Man, the promising 21 year old newcomer Chang Son Jon, and the Atalanta 1996 Judo participant Kim Jong Won (he was only 20 years old when he participated in the Olympics).

Kim Jong Won has been training MMA at Yoon Dong Sik’s Team Yoon for over a year and a half (he has been Yoon’s second since his PRIDE debut against Sakuraba) but has yet to make his debut. I expect to see him in the DREAM GP.

In other South Korean MMA news, Aleksander Emelianenko left the country after a visit yesterday. However, while there he deepened his friendship with SENGOKU’s Heavyweight Choi Mu Bae as he was invited to train at Bae’s Team Tackle gym.

Check out MFight.co.kr for pictures from the training session.

  1. Whom
    January 31, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    Usually I’m a very DREAMcentric person, and I always want every fighter to show up in DREAM. In Aleksander’s case I do not care if he’s in DREAM, Sengoku, Affliction, wherever, just so long as he gets back into a major organization pronto.

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