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SENGOKU Tryouts! Jyoji Ogawa To GRABAKA

The Outsider veteran Jyoji Ogawa was the 1st pick of GRABAKA. - GBRing.com

The Outsider veteran Jyoji Ogawa was GRABAKA's 1st pick. - GBRing.com

The 1st SENGOKU Tryouts were held in the Kanagawa prefecture today. Around 70 applicants showed up and each gym chose three persons (WK chose only two) each after seeing them train. WVR PR Kokuho said that he wants to hold 3 or 4 of these each year. The growth of these candidates will be followed on SENGOKUG! and on SENGOKU’s official website.

1st pick: Jyoji Ogawa (23 years old, 185cm, 85kg, track-and-field 8 years)
2nd pick: Junpei Sasagawa (22 years old, 179cm, 75kg, Judo 15 years)
3rd pick: Haruki Nakayama (24 years old, 176cm, 60kg, Baseball 6 years, track-and-field 3 years, Boxing 3 years)

Shooting Gym Tokyo
1st pick: Hayato Suzuki (22 years old, 163cm, 61kg, Wrestling 7 years)
2nd pick: Yuuhei Sato (21 years old, 171cm, 72kg, Baseball & Swimming 10 years)
3rd pick: Tetsuya Oi (28 years old, 173cm, 68kg, Judo, track-and-field, soccer, and lifesaving 3 years)

1st pick: Something Ishii/Ishikawa/Ishigawa (22 years old, 173cm, 68kg, Judo 12 years, Jiu Jitsu 3 years)
2nd pick: Susumu Masuda (22 years old, 179cm, 80kg, Judo 8 years)
3rd pick: Narimasa Sugawara (19 years old, 168cm, 80kg, Judo, baseball 8 years)

Yoshida Dojo
1st pick: Shouhei Kubota (18 years old, 173cm, 63kg, Karate)
2nd pick: Takuya Saito (23 years old, 176cm, 67kg, Football)
3rd pick: Ryuta Aikyou (20 years old, 181cm, 70kg, Karate 13 years)

Wajutsu Keishukai
1st pick: Atsunari Konishi (22 years old, 165cm, 65kg, Wrestling 3 years, Wajutsu 1 year)
2nd pick: Ryo Sakai (21 years old, 181cm, 93kg, soccer, Judo, and Kickboxing)

Some of the names could be wrong.

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