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Half Of The Field Complete! Team ZST Invades SENGOKU

Masanori Kanehara - GBRing.com

Masanori Kanehara - GBRing.com

Three new fighters were announced for the SENGOKU Featherweight GP today. They are ZST veteran Masanori Kanehara, “Super High School Student” Tetsuya Yamada, and the 21 year old Korean talent Chan Sung Jung (Chang Son Jon).

Masanori Kanehara started his career a little shaky with a couple of losses and draws but since 2006 he has done much better with some very good good results against tough fighters. Since fights are automatic draws if they go the distance in ZST, Kanehara’s record could have looked better. He went the distance with notable Lightweight Naoyuki Kotani in a ZST vale tudo fight in 2007. After the fight Kotani left the ring disappointed as he knew who would’ve won the fight had there been judges.

Chan Sung Jung has an 8-0 record with 5 KO’s record according to his SENGOKU profile. However, his notable fights have been in Japan where he defeated UFC & PRIDE veteran Michihiro Omigawa at the second GLADIATOR event in August and TKO’d Cage Force FWGP semifinalist Fanjin Son, who had never been stopped before, in only 17 seconds.

Tetsuya Yamada was born in 1990 and one wonders for how long he will manage to stay at Featherweight with his 180 cm height and his body still growing. He currently has a 2-1 (3-0?) record with all of his fights having taken place in ZST. However, he has more experience than his record tells as he has participated in a few grappling, tag team grappling and tag team MMA fights at ZST. He is called “Super High School Student” and will graduate from senior high school in March.

Update: I think the Sherdog fight finder has an error. I believe Yamada defeated Ota by KO and not the other way around.

Date: March 20th, 2009
Place: National Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

Light Heavyweight Fight:
King Mo vs. Ryo Kawamura

Featherweight GP Participants:
Marlon Sandro
Hatsu Hioki
Nick Denis
Ronnie Ushikawa
Chris Manuel
Masanori Kanehara
Chan Sung Jung
Tetsuya Yamada

Possible Featherweight GP Participants:
Alexandre Franca Nogueira
Hiroyuki Takaya
Nam Phan

Possible Fights:
Roger Gracie vs. Jeff Monson

Possible Participants:
Antonio Silva
Pawel Nastula

  1. Whooom
    February 4, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    I would have thought that ZST and DREAM would have the stronger partnership. Is DEEP the only organization in DREAM’s corner?

  2. February 4, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    DEEP & DREAM are close.

    But just because two ZST fighters are in the sengoku gp it doesn’t mean the DREAM one won’t have any ZST fighters.

    DEEP FW champ Mishima could’ve been in the sengoku gp. It’s not as easy as what org is someone in.

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