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“Super High School Student”! Tetsuya Yamada

Sinwa Total Combat - Osami.blogzine.jp

Sinwa Total Combat - osami.blogzine.jp

The SENGOKU Featherweight GP participant who probably got the most attention when announced was 18 year old High School student Tetsuya Yamada. Tetsuya Yamada recently had an interview with Sportsnavi.com where he among other things talks about why he started martial arts.

Starting Martial Arts

When asked about if he did any sports before MMA Yamada said that he did Judo from the first to third grade in junior high school. He said that he started Judo because he wanted to surpass his big brother who used to tease him with Judo techniques. When asked if he surpassed him Yamada said “Yes, overwhelmingly” with a laugh.

Physical Features & Favorite Fighters

Yamada said that his current height and weight is 180 cm and 72 kg. He began training MMA when he entered senior high school three years ago. When asked who his favorite fighter was at the time, Yamada answered that he liked Hideo Tokoro. He also likes Yoshiro Maeda’s fighting style.

Training, School & Fighting Strategy

He is training at Sinwa Total Combat in his neighborhood in Yokosukashi in the Kanagawa Prefecture. He will graduate from high school on March 2nd. He currently trains for 2-3 hours 5 days a week. He likes to decide the development of the fight very early in the match.

MMA Record & GP Wishes

His current MMA record is 3-0 in ZST. However, including all of his grappling matches it is 11-0-2. When asked about if he wanted to face anyone in particular in the GP, Yamada said that he wants to fight foreign fighters since there are not very many opportunities to fight them.


Grappling Rules: Vs. Hirotaka Tomiyama – Feb 24th, 2008

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