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Draw! The Next Batch Of Lightweight Greats

Today’s Cage Force event ended not long ago and it seems like there were some close fights. Katsuhiko Nagata drew with Team Akiyama gym member Yasunori Kanehara and the main event between Cage Force champion Mizuto Hirota and Lightweight King Of Pancrase Katsuya Inoue also ended in a draw.

The main event was a very important fight in the SENGOKU Lightweight title picture (they even wrote about it on SENGOKU’s official website and had a short spot with Katsuya Inoue, mentioning his three wins over champion Kitaoka, at a SENGOKUG! episode), so it will be interesting to see what happens now.

Lightweight prospect Yoshihiro Koyama also fought at the Cage Force event today where he defeated another good fighter in Tomonari Kanomata by unanimous decision. Koyama together with Katsunori Kikuno and Koichiro Matsumoto, who won their fights against Jung Bukyung and Jutaro Nakao at DEEP 40 last week, is part of the next batch of possible Japanese Lightweight greats.

In another interesting fight at DEEP 40 last week, Seichi Ikemoto defeated Hidetaka Monma to receive a spot in the DREAM Welterweight GP starting at DREAM.8 in April.

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