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SENGOKUG! Wiuff Vs. Nedkov Announced

It was just announced on SENGOKUG! that Travis Wiuff will return to face the promising Bulgarian Stanislav Nedkov in a Light Heavyweight fight at SENGOKU VIII on May 2nd. Nedkov fought in Bulgaria before he made his Japan debut in Pancrase in December of 2008 where he made quick work of Masayuki Kono. He fought at Heavyweight in Pancrase and looked very powerful so he should be another promising newcomer to SENGOKU’s growing Light Heavyweight division.

Another site reported that this would be a Light Heavyweight title fight but it didn’t say anything about that before or after it was announced so it was probably just a mistranslation.

Update: Nedkov is a BJJ black belt and won the Europe Grappling Open in 2006. He has also wrestled for 12 years and was an university champion in Bulgaria. He is 27 years old and 180 cm tall.

vs. Wladimir Shumanov
vs. Kamen Georgiev
vs. Yanko Kolev (not on fight finder)
vs. Masayuki Kono

Date: May 2nd, 2009
Place: National Yoyogi Stadium 2nd Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan

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Hatsu Hioki vs. Ronnie Ushiwaka
Nam Phan vs. Michihiro Omigawa
Marlon Sandro vs. Nick Denis
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Lightweight Fight:
Kazunori Yokota vs. Leonardo Santos

Light Heavyweight Fights:
Xande Ribeiro vs. Kei Yamamiya
Stanislav Nedkov vs. Travis Wiuff

Welterweight Fight:
Makoto Takimoto vs. Michael Costa

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