Fedor Vs. Aoki! Rough Summary

The exhibition was three minutes long. Below is a rough summary of how it played out. Remember that it was just an exhibition, they weren’t seriously trying to rip each others limbs off.

Fedor took Aoki down and showed some ground and pound motions. Aoki got back to his feet and went for a flying armbar which he then turned into a leg submission attempt. Back in standing position Fedor took Aoki down for the second time. Aoki went for an armbar from guard but Fedor lifted him up and dropped him on the mat.


The match went back to standing position where Fedor threw a right high kick. However, Aoki went for a takedown which was successful. Fedor answered and immediately got back to his feet after disrupting Aoki’s balance on the ground.


Fedor took Aoki down once again. With 40 second left, Aoki threw off his jacket and got fired up, screaming “Oraaaa!”. Aoki threw a right hook and tried taking Fedor down but Fedor ended up on top. Fedor went for a leg with lightning speed which ended the match as Aoki tapped from an achilles hold. At the same time, the gong sounded as the three minutes were up.


Aoki was very respectful afterward, telling a joke, saying it was a good experience and asking the crowd to give a big round of applause to Fedor. Fedor said that he didn’t think there were such strong fighters like this in the Lightweight division. He expressed some respectful words to Aoki and thanked him.

(Photos By: GBRing)

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