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Final Preparations! SENGOKU VIII

#10: Kokuho Interview II

There is a second article up on Sherdog with WVR PR Kokuho. He said some interesting things like:

We don’t want to wave money in front of their stars just to bring them into our ring. We’d rather have a good relationship with the indie promotions in order that fighters can move back and forth between them and Sengoku. By coming to Sengoku, they’re already bringing their fans to our shows, so when they return, we feel that they will be able to bring back more fans who have watched them in Sengoku. It’s one of our ways to give back to these promotions and try to keep them profitable enough to stay around.

Our aim is not to gather everything under one umbrella. Shooto will remain as Shooto, and Sengoku will remain as Sengoku. But to come together and all work together, I think that is great.

This year onward, we need to make progress, making the event better than last year, of course, but we also need to keep in mind how to make a profit. Luckily, starting from Sengoku “No Ran [2009]” in January, we began to make a profit.

#9: Weigh-In Results

11. Hatsu Hioki (65kg) vs. Ronnie Ushiwaka (64.7kg)
10. Nam Phan (64.8kg) vs. Michihiro Omigawa (64.7kg)
9. Kazunori Yokota (69.9kg) vs. Leonardo Santos (69.9kg)
8. Xande Ribeiro (90.3kg) vs. Kei Yamamiya (92kg)
7. Chan Sung Jung (65kg) vs. Masanori Kanehara (64.8kg)
6. Marlon Sandro (64.9kg) vs. Nick Denis (64.6kg)
5. Makoto Takimoto (75.4kg) vs. Michael Costa (75.9kg)
4. Stanislav Nedkov (91.9kg) vs. Travis Wiuff (92.9kg)
3. MAXI (69.9kg) vs. Akihiko Mouri (69.9kg)

#8: Press Conference – Nam Phan Comments


Respectful Nam Phan at press conference - GBRing.com

Probably the comment which is getting the most attention in Japanese press from the SENGOKU VIII press conference is the one made by Nam Phan. He said that if he can, he would like to defeat Omigawa via The Kadowaki Special. The Kadowaki Special is Hideki Kadowaki’s (who Phan defeated in the first round of the GP) submission finishing move.

When asked about his comment afterward, Phan said that he has been a Kadowaki fan from when he was young and he admires him. Phan wants to show how much influence Kadowaki has given to young fighters (I’m not 100% sure about this last sentence, but something like that).

Omigawa just said that one doesn’t take another persons technique as their own. On his turn to comment he said that tomorrow he wants to bring down Phan’s Japanese-like Samurai Spirit.

#7: Press Conference – Title Talk

WVR PR Kokuho said that the winner of the Maxi vs. Mori bout will be in the challenger picture to face the winner of Kitaoka vs. Santos/Yokota/Hirota. About the Light Heavyweight division, Kokuho said that he wants to construct a title fight within the year. King Mo, the 4 fighters of tomorrow, and past LHW’s in SENGOKU are in the rally for the two spots.

#6: Press Conference – GP Participants Gathered

GP Participants Gathered - GBRing.com

GP Participants Gathered - GBRing.com

#5: Shigeki Osawa

There’s a new article on Sherdog about SENGOKU Training Player Shigeki Osawa. Below is a list of his Amateur Wrestling achievements. Thanks to neokumapage.

Also, Osawa’s 24th birthday (born 1985) is tomorrow so hopefully he can celebrate with a victory at the SENGOKU event.

Wrestling Achievements
2000/X/X – National Junior High Wrestling Championship 1st Place
2001/01/14 – 5th National Boys Selection Wrestling Championship JH 52kg 1st Place
2001/X/X – National Junior High Wrestling Championship 1st Place
2003/08/03 – Inter High Individual 58kg 1st Place
2003/10/29 – National Sports Festival Boys 58kg 1st Place
2004/03/29 – National Senior High Selection 60kg 1st Place
2004/08/05 – Inter High Individual 60 kg 1st Place
2004/X/X – Emperor’s Trophy All-Japan Wrestling Championship Freestyle 60kg 3rd Place
2004/10/25 – National Sports Festival Boys Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2005/08/30 – All-Japan Student Championship Freestyle 60kg 2nd Place
2005/10/24 – National Sports Festival Adults Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2005/11/13 – All-Japan University Championship Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2006/04/23 – JOC All-Japan Junior Championship Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2006/09/02 – World Junior Championship Freestyle 60kg 3rd Place
2006/12/21 – All-Japan University Championship Freestyle 60kg 2nd Place
2007/01/28 – Emperor’s Trophy All-Japan Wrestling Championship Freestyle 60kg 3rd Place
2007/06/10 – Meiji All-Japan Selection Championship Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2007/08/24 – All-Japan Student Championship Freestyle 60kg 2nd Place
2007/10/X – 62nd National Sports Festival Men Freestyle 60kg 3rd Place
2007/11/09 – All-Japan University Championship Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2007/12/23 – Emperor’s Trophy All-Japan Championship Freestyle 60kg – Lost In 3rd Round
2008/06/25 – All-Japan Selection Wrestling Championship Freestyle 60kg – Lost in qf ext
2008/07/10 – 8th World University Wrestling Championship Freestyle 60kg 1st Place
2008/07/15 – Announced as one of two SENGOKU training players
2008/09/29 – 63rd National Sports Festival Men Freestyle 60kg 1st Place

At the 2004 Inter High he faced DREAM Featherweight GP participant Takafumi Otsuka in the semifinal and won by fall at 1:47. He faced another MMA fighter in Ken Numajiri at the quarterfinals of the All-Japan University Championship in 2005 and won by decision (2-0).

#4: Articles

Meet the Man Behind Sengoku – Sherdog
Marlon wants more submissions at Sengoku – Tatame
Xande touches down in Japan – GracieMag

#3: Denis Using His Head

Nick Denis used his head in preparation for his Featherweight GP quarterfinal fight with Marlon Sandro on Saturday. He studied Sandro’s old fights as much as possible. He watched 4-5 of Sandro’s fights and since they went the distance, they were very convenient for him.

Denis also talked about him or his father having a dream. He said that his father called him and said congratulations. In his fathers dream, Denis defeated Sandro by TKO in the 2nd round with Sandro getting 2 yellow cards during the fight. I’m not sure if Denis got a call in real life or if Denis dreamed that he got call from his father that had a dream.

#2: New SENGOKU TV Program On Samurai TV

It has been announced on the SENGOKU website that SENGOKU has got its own TV program on Samurai TV in Japan called “SENGOKU Gaiden”. Some of you probably know what Gaiden means. It’s basically something extra besides the main “story”. There will only be SENGOKU content on the program. It’s one of three special TV programs on Samurai TV, the others being a kickboxing program and “Versus” (the program where Aoki and that kickboxer participated not too long ago). The SENGOKU program is 1 hour long and it seems that the first episode already premiered on April 27th, but there are plenty of replays. Here is the site of the program.

So now you can catch some SENGOKU through SENGOKUG! on TV Tokyo, SENGOKU Gaiden on Samurai TV, SENGOKU events live on PPV, MBC ESPN (Korea) and HDNet (America), and SENGOKU events delayed on Samurai TV.

#1: Ronnie Provokes Hioki

Ronnie Ushiwaka has arrived in Japan. When meeting with the press he provoked Hatsu Hioki, who he will face in the main event of the event, by saying: “If you’re a man, exchange blows with me!”. He has trained together with Melvin Manhoef at Mike’s Gym in Holland in preparation for this fight.

  1. May 1, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    What is the Kadowaki Special?

    And if Omigawa doesnt like using other people’s technique, i presume that he has created his own martial arts… from scratch and doesnt borrow from any other.

    I know its pre-fight banter but at least be logical with it.

    No,no… I cant do a deashi barai, you know someone else has already done foot sweeps.

  2. May 1, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    It’s a rear naked choke from the side while you trap one of your opponents arm with your legs. Like a crucifix combined with an rnc.

  3. September 26, 2011 at 11:14 am

    I fully agree completely

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