Korean News! Kang Defends Choi

New stand-up organization starting in Korea

A new stand-up organization is set to start in Korea. The organization behind the event is called MXM (Moosin X-Sports Marketing Group) and the first event will be on June 7th. The International Taekwondo Federation and the University Taekwondo Federation will cooperate in this event. As Seido Kaikan Karate was the heart of K-1 in the beginning, Taekwondo will be the heart of this event.

The concept of the event is: “The clash of diverse stand-up martial arts”.

There will be 5 weight classes from Lightweight (less than 60 kg) to Super Heavyweight (90.1 kg and above). The fights will be 3×3 minutes long. The events will be broadcasted on cable channel “XSPORTS” in Korea.

Choi criticized for Canseco fight

The critique in Korea for Choi isn’t ending. Last week it was him acting in Japanese movie “Goemon”, now it’s his DREAM fight against Canseco. However, Denis Kang defended Choi when asked about it in an interview on a Korean site. He is disappointed that Canseco is fighting but said that the fight might not be the will of Choi, but his managers.

Akihiro Gono, who is a big fan of baseball, is another fighter who is disappointed at Canseco fighting. He expressed this in a column on Kamipro.

The Korean Zombie back to training

Chan Sung Jung knows what he has to improve from now on as he indicated in an interview by Korean site MFight that he will work on his Wrestling for future fights. He is still hostile toward Kanehara and has a burning desire for a rematch where he says that he will definitely return the debt.

He doesn’t know if he will fight in the reserve fight of the GP but he has already begun training for his next fight. He think Sandro and Hioki will meet in the final of the GP.

  1. tinobar
    May 11, 2009 at 9:39 pm

    kanehara beta that his whole team

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