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SENGOKU Featherweight GP Semifinals! Sandro Vs. Omigawa?

Marlon Sandro has revealed to Tatame that he’s been told that he will face Michihiro Omigawa in the semifinals of the SENGOKU Featherweight GP on August 2nd. This of course leaves Hatsu Hioki and Masanori Kanehara as opponents in the other semifinal fight, not surprising considering Kanehara’s continuous comments of wanting to face Hioki. Expect the fights to be officially announced sometime this week.

Another interesting comment made by Sandro in the article is:

I’m training to fight eight rounds in two fights

So it seems like SENGOKU will not change their title fights being 5 rounds because of the tournament. Which means that we could see two five round fights, the other being the Lightweight title fight, in one night on August 2nd.

  1. whomeverq
    May 18, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I like that idea a lot, the conclusion of the grand prix should be a five round fight, since it’s for the championship, but at the same time eight potential rounds is a lot for one night.

    The Finalists better hope they get through their Semi-Final very, very fresh.

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