Ishii Signs! Fax From Barnett


Ishii has signed. -

The open to the public contract signing of Satoshi Ishii took place in front of around 3000 fans in Shinjuku today. As usual, Ishii made a few jokes, saying: “I decided on SENGOKU since I received a gift certificate from president Yasuda of Don Quijote (main sponsor of SENGOKU)”.

Ishii once again said that he is ready to debut at anytime. He also said that it has been his dream from before to become an MMA champion. He won’t fight with a Judo gi since he has quit Judo.

A fax from Josh Barnett, who faces Fedor Emelianenko on August 1st, was received and it said: “Ishii is a good fighter but I’ll be waiting on the ring!”.

Update #1: Ishii was cheered on by his two Judo gold medalist seniors in Hidehiko Yoshida and Makoto Takimoto. He was very happy by their comments. Of course, a possible fight between Ishii and Yoshida was the center of attention but it is up to WVR. Neither denied anything though.


Update #2: Kazuo Misaki didn’t attend the event despite being on the list of attendees yesterday. His opponent, Nakamura was not happy and said “I’ll kill him!”. When asked by a fan who he would like to fight he said that he wants to fight Wanderlei Silva one more time. He received an applause by the audience for that comment.

Update #3: Yuki Kondo said that he’s currently charging and that he wants to return to the ring in summer. His long-time rival, Sanae Kikuta, said that he wants to fight at the August 2nd event.


Update #4: Omigawa said: “I want to cry “kusottare” (shithead/bastard) on August 2nd. Please come and cheer for me.”

Nakamura wasn’t the only one angry that his opponent didn’t show up. Masanori Kanehara wasn’t very happy with Hioki’s absence either, saying that he wants to strike him hard with his anger.

Yoshihiro “KISS” Nakao is healed since a freak injury in his fight against Antonio Silva on January. Nakao wants the question “Who is the strongest in SENGOKU?” to be answered. To answer that he wants a Heavyweight tournament to be held. He also wants to settle everything with Silva through a rematch. He said that he wants to fight on August 2nd and also wants a fight with Kazuyuki Fujita which he has asked for before.

SENGOKU Training Player Maxi said that he’ll do his best to become champion in SENGOKU and Pancrase.

Update #5: At the end of the event the revival of a beast/wild animal after one and a half year was also announced. The SENGOKU participation of a Japanese Welterweight was also hinted at.

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  1. wentz
    June 4, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    I’m glad he made the right choice.

    WVR needs to follow through on putting on more hw fights. I don’t see how anyone without a hw showcase can be successful. Big as it was, imagine the Pride event without hw figths.

  2. no1b4no1after
    June 4, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    Akira is coming back? Sengoku just keeps rolling.

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