Ishiwatari Crushed! SENGOKU Fighters Make Weight For Pancrase

Tsuchiya wins big in Tokyo -

Tsuchiya wins big in Tokyo. -

The main event of today’s Shooto card in Tokyo was a fight which could have been a competitive brawl on the feet. Instead, Rumina Sato pupil Daiki Tsuchiya won by TKO at the short time of 0:20 in the first round. A short right hook counter by Tsuchiya brought down SENGOKU Featherweight GP participant Shintaro Ishiwatari. Tsuchiya then quickly followed and punched Ishiwatari from top until the referee intervened, giving Tsuchiya his biggest win to date.


From one legendary promotion to another. The participants of tomorrows Pancrase event made weight at the Gold’s Gym in Tokyo today. As many as six SENGOKU fighters will participate on the card. Satoru Kitaoka weighed in at 70.2 kg for his main event fight against Dynamite!! 2008 participant Yukio Sakaguchi. It seems that the weight cuts to Lightweight are still tough for Kitaoka, despite having done them a few times since entering SENGOKU. Yukiya Naito weighed in at 91.5 kg for his Light Heavyweight fight against Ryo Kawamura, who was 92.9 kg.

Kei Yamamiya, who weighed in at 83.4 kg, will not have a long rest following his loss to Xande Ribeiro at SENGOKU VIII as he returns to the ring tomorrow when he takes on Ryuji Ohori. It looks like Korean Wrestler Choi Mu Bae has lost some weight as he weighed in at 112.6 kg, almost 6 kg less than when he defeated Dave Herman at SENGOKU NO RAN 2009. Choi’s opponent will be long-time veteran Katsuhisa Fujii. SENGOKU Featherweight GP participant Seiya Kawahara has gone back down to his original weightclass. At today’s weigh-in he came in 0.1 kg over but passed in his second weigh-in, where the scale showed 61.1 kg.

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