DEEP KICK! Nagashima Returns

DEEP KICK Commences -

DEEP KICK Commences -

There is a press conference on a new event by DEEP today. The event will be called DEEP KICK and as the name implies, it will be a Kickboxing event. Popular K-1 MAX fighter YOUICHIRO☆JIENOTSU☆NAGASHIMA will be introduced.

Update: Apparently, Nagashima is the producer of this event. The first event is on July 5th. They have a lot of themes for the fights of the first event like 3 Kickboxing vs. Japanese Martial Arts fights where the JMA team will be led by Nagashima and the Kickboxing by a former J-NET Super Lightweight Champion, 4 Kansai vs. Kyushu fights, etc.

Update #2: DEEP boss Saeki said that the event is for bringing up fighters for K-1 MAX. Kansai will be the main base of DEEP KICK. Nagashima is planning for the ring girls to cosplay.

  1. whoooom
    June 11, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    What the hell? The dude with sunglasses looks a lot like director Takashi Miike.

    Also, I can dig DEEP KICK.

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