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Maxi Receives Title Shot! Pancrase 2009 Shining Tour August 8th


Katsuya Inoue X Maxi - GBRing.com

The next challenger for Katsuya Inoue’s Lightweight King Of Pancrase title has been announced. SENGOKU training player Maxi will try to take his first title in what will be his toughest fight to date at the August 8th Pancrase event. Maxi says that he will take it more easy than in his previous fights and not just rush on every second of the fight.

Inoue has done good since dropping down to Lightweight. A couple of his results are a victory over Koji Oishi and a draw with SENGOKU number 1 Lightweight contender Mizuto Hirota. He hopes to finally get a shot in SENGOKU, where he has some history with the fighters at the top of the Lightweight division, after this fight.

In another title fight at the event, SENGOKU participant Izuru Takeuchi will defend his Middleweight King Of Pancrase title against Kazushi Sakuraba student Takenori Sato. Takeuchi was in his last fight on his way to winning his SENGOKU debut until he got submitted by Joe Doerksen.

Sato, on the other hand, is currently riding a 4 fight win streak since a bad period where he went 1-4-4 in 9 fights.

Also on the card, the return of Yuki Kondo and the finals of the Pancrase Neo-Blood Tournaments.

  1. GaramKrueger
    June 16, 2009 at 1:58 am

    Pshhh, more like Maxi pad.

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