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Cage Force! Hironaka Defeats Nagata

Hironaka stops Nagata - GBRing.com

Hironaka stops Nagata in Round 1 - GBRing.com

In his first real fight at Lightweight, Kuniyoshi Hironaka dropped Katsuhiko Nagata in the first round with a left hook, and then quickly went down and pounded Nagata before the referee stepped in at 3:41. After the fight Hironaka showed his interest in a title fight with Mizuto Hirota, winning the belt, defending it for around 10 years, and then dying peacefully. He also mentioned America as a stage that he would like to challenge again.

In the semi main event, KTaro Nakamura returned and defeated former Pancrase title challenger Tomoyoshi Iwamiya, by majority decision (2-0). After the fight, KTaro said that he wants to fight with Japanese Welterweights Hiromitsu Miura, Akihiro Gono, and Ryo Chonan. He said that first he’d like to try to become the number 1 in Japan, and from there become the “K of the world”.

Daiju Takase, whose blog has become extremely popular in Japan for a while now, also had a successful return. He defeated Yoshihiro Akiyama’s teammate Shuji Morikawa by split decision.

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