News! DEEP 42 Fighters Make Weight

Fukuda X Nakanishi -

Fukuda X Nakanishi -

Misaki Criticized In Korea, Moosin 2 Takes Shape

In South Korea, Kazuo Misaki’s arrest is reported negatively. Of course, the reason is because of lecturing Akiyama at Yarennoka! in 2007 and then doing this. In Korean articles he’s called the “foul play man”. A Korean MMA fan said: “You betrayed a lot of people and children. Apologize in the ring!”.

Speaking of Akiyama, his autobiography, “Two Souls Heel Or Hero”, will also start to be sold in Korea on June 30th.

In other Korean martial arts news, organization Moosin are currently recruiting Taekwondo fighters. The chosen fighters are planned to be on a TV show, showing their process from Taekwondo fighters to professional fighters.

The second Moosin event will be held on July 26th. Planned participants as of now are Butterbean, A Sol Kwon, Min Seok Kwon (defeated A Sol Kwon by decision at Moosin 1), Oh Du Seok (defeated Himmich at Moosin 1), and New Japan Kickboxing Federation Lightweight Champion Hakuryuu (30-7-9 (15 KO’s), originally from Korea).

DEEP 42 Participants Make Weight

The participants of DEEP 42 IMPACT made weight on the 29th. Champion Yuichi Nakanishi and challenger Riki Fukuda both weighed in at 83.8 kg for their rematch and DEEP Middleweight title fight.

Kazuyuki Miyata, who will make his debut at Featherweight, made a successful weight cut coming in at 65.7 kg. According to himself, he has no exhaustion because of the weight cut. He might weight as much as 74 kg when the fight starts tomorrow.

HIROYA Added To July 13th K-1 MAX

HIROYA has been added to the July 13th K-1 MAX event. He will take on MMA fighter Kiko Lopez, in the third K-1 vs. MMA fight of the card. The fight will be fought at a 62 kg limit.

  1. whom
    June 29, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    I’m glad South Korea is joining in on the irony of Misaki’s plea agreement.

    Also, I read that JapanMMA suspects Miyata/Yamazaki could be a DREAM FWGP Reserve match qualifier. I somehow doubt it, though.

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