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Sheathing The Sword! SENGOKU IX

Another SENGOKU event is in the books and it was in my opinion a really good one.

There seems to be a lot of discussion about the judging of the event. It’s sad that it overshadows such a great event when it shouldn’t.

Omigawa vs. Sandro: Close but I had Omigawa if I had to choose one, he landed more clean punches. In the third I thought Sandro slightly got the better Omigawa but not enough to win the round, especially with Omigawa’s trip at the end.

Ivanov vs. Fujita: The right man won, Fujita had 2-3 takedowns but didn’t do much with them. Standing Ivanov landed the strikes when Fujita went forward even when he was tired. Ivanov needs to work on his cardio and grappling without a gi. However, he said after the event that he broke both hands and even if that isn’t true, he showed that he’s really tough.

Akihiro Gono seems to be fine now after the brutal KO loss to Hornbuckle. Misaki’s performance was good and he handled himself well before and after the fight, I doubt he’ll be out for long after this.

I’m not really sad that someone who lost previous in the GP won it all in the end this time since SENGOKU can now do a lot of different things in the division. Kanehara, Hioki, Omigawa, Jung, possibly Nogueira, and maybe a couple of fighters from SHOOTO are all in the title picture and very exciting fights can be made.

Hirota was impressive against Kitaoka and kept his cool throughout the fight. A possible future title fight against Mitsuoka is solid since they haven’t faced each other yet.

Since and during the event one fight and a couple of names have been announced for September’s SENGOKU X. Kazunori Yokota will face Ryan Schultz in a Lightweight bout, and Hiroshi Izumi and Makoto Takimoto will participate in the event.

  1. kawa's boy toy
    August 9, 2009 at 8:04 am

    N.O.B!!! YOU’RE BACK!!! O how i missed you so.

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