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Fighting Mixed Combative 1! Preview

The Gathering - mfight.co.kr

The FMC 1 Gathering - mfight.co.kr

The weigh-ins (top to bottom: Nakamura/Jong Man, Hisamatsu/Dae Won, Nakamura/Yang Dong) for tomorrows FMC card took place today and all fighters made weight. The event will start at 5 PM and will be aired on MBC ESPN at 10:10 PM or 11 PM (I think it’s on from 10:10 PM to 1:10 AM Korean time) on the same day (low quality stream on TVAnts for anyone who wants to see it as it airs).

Below is a little text written about some of the fighters on the card who I think are the most relevant at this time. The card really has some good names if you look at it and for being a South Korea vs. Japan card by a new Korean organization, I’m impressed. The next FMC card in September should feature the big names that the organization has signed as Aleksander Emelianenko, Blagoy Alexandre Ivanov, and Ivan Emelianenko are among some of the fighters who could appear.

Fighting Mixed Combative 1
Date: August 16th, 2009
Place: Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea

10. -88kg: Yang Dong Yi (87.75kg) vs. Yuta Nakamura (87.6kg)
9. -84kg: Dae Won Kim (83.95kg) vs. Yuji Hisamatsu (84kg)
8. -67kg: Jong Man Kim (66.95kg) vs. Hiroshi Nakamura (66.90kg)
7. -70kg: Du Jae Jeong (69.85kg) vs. Kosuto Umeda (70.1kg)
6. -77kg: Hyun Gyu Lim (77kg) vs. Keitaro Maeda (76.70kg)
5. -70kg: Bae Yong Kwon (69.90kg) vs. Hiroki “AB” Aoki (69.60kg)
4. -70kg: Jang Yong Kim (70kg) vs. Naoki Matsushita (69.90kg)
3. -84kg: Kim Hoon (84kg) vs. Shuji Morikawa (83.90kg)
2. -65kg: Gil Young Bok (65kg) vs. Daisuke Endo (64.60kg)
1. -70kg: Whi Gyu Kim (70kg) vs. Asato Hashimoto (69kg)

Yang Dong Yi

Undefeated Yang Dong Yi has fought in Japan since the middle of 2007. His biggest win to date came when he defeated Pawel Nastula in SENGOKU after some controversy. His background is in Amateur Wrestling which he uses very well in his fights. Last December he entered the HEAT Heavyweight Tournament where he defeated Ryuta Noji in the first round. He injured himself before the second round of the tournament though and couldn’t continue competing in it.

The most interesting thing about tomorrow’s fight might be that it’s at 88 kg (194 lbs). Yang has fought as a Heavyweight previously despite being quite short (180 cm) for the weight class. He said after his win against Nastula that he might drop down to Middleweight and it looks like this is the first step toward that. He successfully weighed in at 87.75 kg today.

vs. Keigo Takamori
vs. Pawel Nastula

Dae Won Kim

One of the most experienced and best fighters out of Korea. Kim’s background is in Judo and he currently seems to train in Team Force (see the end of the post). He has fought in many big organizations in Japan such as PRIDE, DEEP, HERO’S, and DREAM where he has victories over Marcelo Garcia, Yuya Shirai, and Keiichiro Yamamiya. He almost stopped Melvin Manhoef with strikes in his last fight in the reserve fight of the 2008 DREAM MW GP 1st round.

vs. Marcelo Garcia
vs. Melvin Manhoef

Jong Man Kim

Another very experienced fighter out of Korea. He participated in this years SENGOKU Featherweight GP where he put up a good fight against champion Kanehara. He has a lot of power in his hands and his stoppage of Atsushi Yamamoto was one of the most hard to watch fights in MMA. He hasn’t won in a while now (though he should’ve got the judgment decision against DJ.taiki) but has the ability to defeat anyone at Featherweight. He’ll continue to fight top competition though as he tomorrow takes on…

vs. Atsushi Yamamoto (recommended)
vs. Hatsu Hioki
vs. DJ.taiki Part 1, 2

Hiroshi Nakamura

After a rough start to his career, Nakamura is currently on a 8 fight non-losing streak with 5 victories and 3 draws. In those fights he has defeated Tenkei Fujimiya and Wataru Miki, and gone to draws with Hatsu Hioki and Shintaro Ishiwatari. He is a very good grappler with some decent ground and pound (not very powerful strikes but his hits are clean). His stand-up is not very strong (it has gotten a little better though) so if he has trouble taking Kim down in the later rounds things could go bad for him. Look for him to compete in this years ADCC tournament as well as he has been announced for it.

Many fights on YouTube

Hyun Gyu Lim

24 year old Hyun Gyu Lim is someone who should be looked out for in the future. His stand-up is good, he’s tough, and he has already faced some good names and done good against them in his short career. Look for him to stop his opponent via punches tomorrow.

vs. Dmitry Samoilov
vs. Lucio Linhares

Hiroki “AB” Aoki

AB has lost only to great fighters. He is good both standing and on the ground. He is also quite tall for a Lightweight. Another interesting guy for the future.

vs. Maximo Blanco
vs. Steve Magdaleno
vs. Takafumi Ito Part 1, 2

Jang Yong Kim

Kim shocked everyone when he TKO’d former UFC and DREAM Welterweight KTaro Nakamura in Cage Force last November. Kim is also the only fighter who has gone to a decision with Katsunori Kikuno in Kikuno’s last 5 fights. In the entertaining fight he went head to head standing without backing down and on the ground he threatened with submissions. It’ll be interesting to see how Kim does in the future.

vs. Katsunori Kikuno Part 1, 2 (recommended)

Gil Young Bok

Bok will make his MMA debut tomorrow. From the little information I found on him he seems to be a good (maybe better than good) amateur wrestler but he hasn’t been able to train MMA for very long before this fight (only 2 months of MMA training I think).

He won the 6th Pacific Open Amateur Wrestling tournament (Freestyle) in January of 2005 and was also chosen as the MVP of the event. That was in his second year of University. After that it seems that he did the mandatory 2 year Korean military service and during that time he got into MMA.

Below is a picture from the weigh-ins with Bok to the left, and former DEEP LW champion and SENGOKU veteran Bang Seung Hwan to the right. They are both part of Team Force (is it a new MMA team?).

Bok X Bang - mfight.co.kr

Team Force: Bok X Bang - mfight.co.kr

  1. ShootJunkie
    August 15, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    I can’t wait to see these fights. War Dong Yi Yang! War Hyun Gyu Lim! War Jong Man Kim! Korean fighters are so cool. They always bring it and have a lot of raw potential. The only thing that holds them back is the quality of training. I wish Un Sik Song would come back too. That guy was an absolute beast!

  2. August 16, 2009 at 1:12 am

    Wow, that’s some fine ‘little text’ you put out.

    Nice work explaining who these guys are and the links to the fights are the cherry on the sundae.

    Bravo and thanks.

  3. TOM
    August 16, 2009 at 5:23 am

    Agreed. That was really nice work. We need more of this kind of shit in MMA. Legit info.

  4. sdub
    August 16, 2009 at 7:59 am

    i like FMC ring girls, this could really elevate this new promotion to a high level.

  5. kawa's boy toy
    August 16, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    you serious? They have nice body but their face looks horrid. Just my opinion tho.

  6. kawa's boy toy
    August 16, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    And oh yeah, this promotion is looking great!!! Hopefully the new k-drama “DREAM” is making mma and kickboxing more mainstream.

  7. CJN
    August 17, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Any videos of this around yet?

  8. Anonymous
    August 17, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    This event was an epic fail.

    They only actually had like 3 or 4 of those fights, with no replacements.

  9. CSKit
    August 18, 2009 at 5:55 am

    I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything about it.

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