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Fighting Mixed Combative 1! Incompetent (Updated)

There is finally some Japanese text up about the FMC 1 fiasco and it feels like the FMC people did everything wrong if what’s written is true.

It seems that the 7 Japanese fighters who had some affiliation with Wayjutsu Keisukai were supposed to receive some money 7 days before the event. The money hadn’t arrived yet even on the day that the fighters were supposed to fly to South Korea so they (WK staff I think) planned to call it off and have everyone (fighters, seconds, etc.) not go. However, FMC told them that they would pay them by the 15th so the Japanese side took the plane and arrived in Korea.

The FMC people didn’t pay them by the 15th either. But that payment time seems to have been extended to 12 AM of the day of the event by suggestion from FMC (it seems the Japanese side gave them another chance). After that though, it seems that something happened with the shop that FMC were getting the ring from (see Update #2 below). Somehow FMC managed to borrow/rent a ring from another organization though and could advance with the event preparations. Because of this though, they weren’t able to pay the fighters before the promised time once again.

It was at that time decided that the 7 fighters wouldn’t participate. The promoters seem to have gotten the money after delaying the whole event. However, including the very late payment, no medical check done, no ring check for the fighters, and some other issue, the fighters decided not to fight even though the money was there.

An FMC representative said that if the WK staff didn’t give back the guaranteed pre-fight money, they would be driven out of their hotel. So considering the safety of the fighters and seconds, they gave the money back to FMC. After that it seems that the very mad FMC side said that they wouldn’t pay for the hotel, airplane, or food so the Japanese side went to the Japanese embassy in Korea for consultation and they somehow returned to their country on the 17th.

Huge losses for FMC, the card wasn’t aired on TV, and big damage from both the TV station and their sponsors. This is what can happen in a country which hasn’t had a big MMA organization before. There was controversy in NeoFight’s return event a while ago as well when the promoters let a fighter continue in a fight even though the doctor advised to stop the fight due to a cut.

Update: An FMC representative recognized about not paying in time, but the big damages from not being on TV and from sponsors, and the fact that they could give the money to the fighters before the event (but the Japanese side didn’t accept to fight anyway), might turn this into a legal battle from the FMC side (and possibly also the Japanese side).

Update #2: It seems that the people who FMC ordered the ring from stole money from FMC so that’s why they couldn’t pay the fighters. And I think that the medical checks were done on the other fighters, but not the 7 who didn’t participate (probably no time because of the money issue).

So knowing this it was still a really bad mistake by FMC, but they were unlucky as well and I can understand being angry after such a chain of events. We’ll see what happens with FMC from now on. If they want to continue they can’t have anymore controversies/problems like this. I think they will hold the second event as planned though.

  1. whomever
    August 18, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    It’s a shame to hear about the legal ramifications of the Japanese fighters not fighting. I hope this all blows over, FMC puts it behind them, and they put on some great shows in the future…

  2. kawa's boy toy
    August 18, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Holy shit i am sad. i wish the best for both the japanese fighters and fmc.

  3. ShootJunkie
    August 19, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    What a disaster. I hope they can get their stuff together but it really looks like we’ll be seeing another organization perish in short time. Lets all pray things get worked out and go swimingly from here on out…

  4. wentz
    August 19, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    Some people still think getting into MMA promotion is easy. We’re dealing with the mafia and the Yakuza here. It ain’t easy. Which isn’t to say organized crime put the clamp on this event. It’s just that you have to prepare for the absolute worst because that’s who’s involved with MMA.

  5. Compton
    August 24, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    I went to this show, and it was fucking bullshit.

    Advertising 10 fights and delivering 4 is unacceptable. They had a shit ton of Koreans ready to fight, they should have gotten some of them to go out there, by paying them some of the money they didn’t pay the Japanese fighters.

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