SENGOKU New Year Event! H2H, Collaboration, Or January 3rd?

A SENGOKU new year press conference is rumored to take place on the 14th or early next week.

From Gryphon’s Blog:

SENGOKU Producer Kokuho takahiro said,

“ISHI Satoshi(2008 olympic Judo Gold medalist)debut event is New year eve…or Junuary 3”

This is important news!

because FEG aleady announce that Dynamite! 2009 is hold in NY eve(K-1fighter MASATO do retirement match in this event)

If SENGOKU determine NY eve event,it becaume big business war,Fighter’s fightmoney also up and up….

or,K-1 owner ISHII kazuyoshi confirm that He propose SENGOKU office do big event together.

KOKUHO’s “NY EVE ISHII Satoshi Debut EVENT”means DREAM-SENGOKU-K1 aliance?

Even if SENGOKU avoide butting event and decide 1.3event,SENGOKU’s NY event is big news.

especially in Japan,ISHII’s MMA debut is national issue.many ordinary people is interested in this event.

Card is ISHII Satoshi vs YOSHIDA Hidehiko?

From Kamipro’s cell phone site:

They received a release from WVR yesterday evening (after the SENGOKU press conference of yesterday). It was an advance notice about a SENGOKU new years event press conference. Since it said new year, the people at Kamipro thought it meant that the even will take place at January 3rd. However, when querying WVR about this, WVR replied with: “New year is from Christmas and after”.

Daily Sports Online:

According to their “collection of data” TBS are also interested in Ishii’s debut fight. They hope/expect/anticipate an all-star dream event from the two major organizations in Japan.


I wouldn’t be surprised whatever happens. If they can’t find a good channel and slot for Ishii’s debut and FEG/TBS have offered something good, they might go for it. It wouldn’t surprise me if TV Tokyo give them a slot to show it live on January 3rd. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the major channels want to air the main fights of the SENGOKU event on NYE or January 3rd, but just for that event. A lot of other things can happen as well.

I feel like there’s something going on. The WVR PR yesterday looked so calm and “happy”. The front men of MMA organizations in Japan usually look tired/stressed like: “The next event must go well or else I’m gonna get a visit from the “higher-ups” (if you know who I mean)”.

NYE is always the most exciting part of the year in Japanese MMA.

  1. wentz
    September 13, 2009 at 3:53 am

    The zuffa zombies won’t like it, but MMA’s real fans would love to see M-1, Silicon Valley Sports and Entertainment, WVR and FEG work something out. If every event became a division . . . there wouldn’t be a damn thing wrong with that. But I’m looking too far ahead aren’t I.

  2. GaramKrueger
    September 13, 2009 at 4:21 am

    That would suck. I’d rather see FEG and WVR put on an NYE show every year, and operate separately the rest of the year. Also, M-1 can suck it.

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