Korean News! Cheon In Thailand Again

Jae Hee Cheon In Thailand

K-1 Lightweight fighter Jae Hee Cheon, who is currently on a two fight winning streak in K-1 including a KO victory over Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto, left to train in Thailand on August 16th. He is training at the legendary Thai WBA Boxing champion Khaosai Galaxy‘s gym.

The reason for the foreign training is that Cheon wants to elevate his Boxing skills to better match the style of K-1. He is training with the mindset of never fighting in K-1 again if he loses.

He’ll need that Boxing training when he goes up against crazy former Japanese Boxing champion Kazuhisa Watanabe, fresh off a victory against MMA’s Atsushi Yamamoto, in October.

Jae Sun Lee Wants Revenge

Makoto Takimoto and his SENGOKU X opponent, Korean Jae Sun Lee, have some history going into their fight which people might not know about.

In the 2000 Sydney Olympics where Takimoto won his gold medal in Judo, he defeated a Korean by the name of In Chul Cho in the final match. Cho in turn happens to be the Judo teacher of Lee.

Lee has a lot of respect for Takimoto and thinks he’s a great fighter. He says that himself, as Takimoto, is a Judo player who also likes to stand and trade, so he wants the fight to be one where they exchange blows.

“I’m aiming for a KO or submission, I’ll definitely win and return my debt to my teacher.”

FMC 1.5 In October?

This is quite old news but because of the flop of the first event, FMC said a while ago that they will hold an event (FMC 1.5) in October and if the fighters and fans acknowledge it, they’ll continue with FMC 2. However, since this announcement nothing new has come from FMC so who knows if FMC 1.5 will even happen.

Source: Kamipro Korea Column

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