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Final Preparations! K-1 WGP 2009 In Seoul -FINAL16-

#11: Poll Result

I’m Most Looking Forward To…

1. Aerts/Overeem 46% (96 votes)
2. Bonjasky/Manhoef 24% (49 votes)
3. Hari/Samedov 10% (20 votes)
4. Schilt/Ghita 6% (12 votes)
5. Karaev/Kyotaro 5% (11 votes)
6. Teixeira/Jaideep 3% (7 votes)
6. Zimmerman/Feitosa 3% (7 votes)
8. Banner/Musashi 2% (5 votes)

#10: Opening PV

#9: Hari, Kyotaro, And Manhoef

Badr Hari about who he’d choose to fight in the FINAL8 between Kyotaro (has the title which Badr never lost), Remy Bonjasky, and Alistair Overeem: “I want to fight with all of them.”

Kyotaro: “K-1 was born in Japan. I think that if Japanese fighters don’t stand firm K-1 won’t continue to develop, I will absolutely fight with the intention to win, I definitely want to win. Ruslan is an amazingly strong fighter so I have prepared many strategies for the fight.”

Melvin Manhoef: “I intend to fight in the same way as I have done up until now. I’m the shortest person here but I intend to not lose to the others just with my heart. I’ve waited for this rematch. Because I’m stronger than last time.”

#8: Tanigawa Speaks

FEG President Tanigawa talked today about holding the World GP once every two years instead of once every year today. He said that at earliest they want to introduce it in 2011. By doing this more fighters will get a chance as more events will be held between GP’s to choose the FINAL16.

Tanigawa also talked about Mirko CroCop, saying: “Isn’t it better if you fight in K-1?”

#7: No Oscar For Aerts?

As you might remember from Alistair’s fight against Bonjasky earlier this year, Alistair gave Remy an oscar award before their fight. With this in mind, Aerts told Alistair at today’s press conference why he hasn’t received an award. Alistair showed respect for the legendary fighter though and said: “Because you’re not an actor.”

Most fighters were calm at the press conference. The only one out of the ordinary was Catalin Morosanu who was fired up and angry at not being in the GP despite the amount of votes he received in the poll.

#6: Fighters Gathered

Fighters gathered - sportsnavi.com

Fighters gathered - Sportsnavi.com

#5: Peter Aerts

How’s your condition?
The best.
What’s the likelihood in percent that you’ll win the GP?
99 percent (laugh).
Your strategy?
To cut down his stamina and KO him.
Alistair’s strong point?
Strong physique. Moreover, he’s a fighter who’ll do anything to win.
What time in the fight will you knock him out?
I’m not sure. I think winning is more important than the time of the victory.

Source: Sportsnavi

#4: Ewerton Teixeira

How’s your condition?
I’ve been able to do a 100% preparation.
What’s your impression of your opponent?
He’s tall and he has good technique but I’ve been able to come up with a counter-plan.
I’ve been hearing that you’ve strengthened your hands by training Boxing.
I’ve trained it three times a week in Brazil, mainly strengthened my defense.

Source: Sportsnavi

#3: Alistair Overeem

How’s your condition?
Very good. I have trained a lot.
Are there any impressions of having been away from fighting in K-1?
I have competed in Martial Arts for a long time, so I don’t have any feelings like that.
Your opponent is a K-1 veteran. Do you have any worries about the atmosphere and judgment decision favoring him?
There are times when the result of judgment decisions turn out bad so I intend to settle it before that.
What’s your intention fighting in K-1?
I have canceled two fights this year because of injury. My intention is to fill those gaps and get more experience, for that I’ll participate in various event.
Who do you want to fight hereafter?
Emelianenko Fedor.
Your results last year were very good.
Fighting has been easy since converting to Heavyweight.
You’ll participate in the cage of DREAM.12?
Of course I intend to participate. I didn’t know it was going to be in a cage but I have experience with it from the U.S. and Russia so there won’t be any problem.
Do you have interest in Brock Lesnar?
He’s in the UFC and I don’t have any plans to fight in the UFC at the present time but I’m confident of victory if we fight and it would probably be an interesting fight.

Source: Sportsnavi

#2: Videos

FujiTV preview program part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Check out K-1’s YouTube channel for training clips, trailers, etc. as well.

#1: Card


  1. kawa's boy toy
    September 25, 2009 at 7:15 am

    He’s avoiding Brock the Cock Lesnar!!!


  2. whomever
    September 25, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Rooting for Manhoef, Karaev, Zimmerman, Ghita, Overeem, and Singh. This is gonna be a sweet night of fights.

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