The Meeting Of The Century! Ishii X Kameda

The Future -

The Future -

Both originally from Osaka, Japan, 22 year old undefeated Boxer Koki Kameda and 22 year old Judo gold medalist turned MMA fighter, Satoshi Ishii, met for the first time yesterday at the Kameda Gym in Tokyo.

Japanese MMA magazine Kamipro implemented this “meeting of the century” and a lot of the main sporting newspapers and magazines, and television stations were invited after the dialogue between Ishii and Koki, which can only be read in Kamipro #140 (October 23rd).

Talking with the press, both said that they have wanted to meet since before and Ishii proposed joint training after Koki’s world title fight against Naito in November.

Ishii said that he wants to go and watch Koki’s fight against Naito and will do so if he can take a break from training. Koki said: “It’s on NYE so my fight is already over and if I don’t have anything else I want to go and take a look. I haven’t seen MMA live yet. If I observed it from ringside, it would be powerful.”

Muscle students - Kokis blog

Students of muscle -

When the press said: “You both have big mouths…”, Koki interrupted and said: “By no means, we’re both serious. Because both of us are studying muscles. Ishii looks to be like a muscle master. More than this is a company secret so nothing further will be said (laugh).”

  1. kawa's boy toy
    October 12, 2009 at 7:29 am

    Ishii should train with Naito if he wants to win since Naito is going to smash Kameda IMO. Then again, Tokoro trained with Naito and he got TKO’d by Streetfight Bancho. >_>

    Forget what I just said.

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