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Korean News! CMA Korea X Pancrase Korea

CMA Korea X Pancrase Korea

Both CMA Korea and Pancrase Korea are making movements these days. CMA Korea (not an MMA promotion) will have sent as many as 26 Korean fighters to Japan to fight between the October 25th DREAM.12 event and the November 11th DEEP/CMA event (DREAM.12, HEAT.12, GLADIATOR III, clubDEEP Kyoto, SENGOKU XI, and DEEP/CMA Thanksgiving).

Pancrase Korea started In March of 2007 and it’s location has been in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. They have had (and are still having) problems with sponsors though so they have not always been able to hold events when wanted.

This year, however, the Pancrase Korea representative happened to meet the president of an MMA gym in Korea, which has led to Pancrase Korea now being able to hold amateur events in the capital, Seoul.

The gym is the same gym where the Korean edition of the SENGOKU Gold Cup was held, which was also made possible because of the meeting between the gym president and the Pancrase Korea representative.

The Pancrase Korea rep said that the first event will take place at the end of November and that he wants to hold an event every 2 months at the gym from now on.

Source: Kamipro Korea Column

Un Sik Song Returns

It looks like undefeated Korean featherweight Un Sik Song will return to competition on November 7th for the inaugural event of the new Korean stand-up organization W (Double U). I think Song, who should have been in one of the Featherweight GP’s this year, is out or still has a little time left of his mandatory military service.

Also participating in the event are MAX fighter Im Chi Bin, 2-0 K-1 Heavyweight Hyon Man Myong, and Se Ki Kim.

Source: mfight.co.kr

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    November 3, 2009 at 9:33 am

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