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Bu Kyung Jung! Training In Silence

aokijungSydney Olympic Silver Medalist Bu Kyung Jung made his MMA debut at Yarennoka! in 2007, coming in on short notice to fight top Lightweight Shinya Aoki. In the fight he almost armbarred Aoki more than once. After that he kept fighting top Lightweights, losing against all of them.

After those losses, Jung planned to travel to America to train. However, after trying a training session at Korean Top Team just before he decided to stay since he was pleased with the training.

6 months have passed and Jung recently came out from his silent training to participate in an interview with mfight…

Striking and wrestling is the focus at KTT and Jung says that the training environment there is the best in Korea, he couldn’t have wished for anything better. Though he still hasn’t grown completely accustomed to the Wrestling style takedowns which don’t exist in Judo, he will continue to study it in depth.

Jung is very confident in his grappling skills, saying that if it’s at Lightweight, he is confident that he can win at grappling against any champion. However, he questions the meaning of only being a good grappler.

“Being good at only jiu jitsu and wrestling in MMA is meaningless. It’s meaningless if you aren’t well-rounded. Until now I’ve had problem with strategy and my striking technique has been insufficent.”

Jung currently has his attention set on J.Z. Calvan, whose fighting style he thinks suits for him. He would like to have a go at Calvan after polishing his striking just a little more.

Jung has abandoned his title as a Silver medalist, after 4 consecutive defeats, the only thing he fights for now is his self-respect.

“To the end, my objective is to become a champion of a major MMA organization. For that reason I intend to make a fresh start as a complete fighter. The cause for my 4 consecutive defeats is that I entered MMA half-heartedly, only having faith in my own grappling ability. I have learned a lot of things since those 4 consecutive defeats.”

Jung thinks that he’s a 70% MMA fighter at the present point. Even though he wants to attempt seeing how far he has come right now due to his competitive spirit, he won’t be satisfied unless he gets to 100%…

Source: Kamipro Korea Column

  1. whomever
    November 14, 2009 at 8:48 am

    Awesome. I love Jung and was worried for a second that he had given up MMA. His fight with Diasuke Nakamura was fantastic. I hope he can get some wins.

  2. BM2
    November 14, 2009 at 9:47 am

    WAR BUKYUNG~!!!11

    Who dares fight the 100% Bukyung??

  3. ShootJunkie
    November 14, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    I’m really glad to hear he’s still training although I think coming to America would’ve been better. I’ve enjoyed all of his fights and think it was really unfortunate for him that he was fighting the caliber guys he was. But that’s the gameness of Korean’s, and you have to respect that. I really think that Korea has some of the toughest fighters on the planet and I’m always upset when I see guys like Dong or Byung who would’ve been really special fighters if they’d just gotten into the game earlier. I’m really pushing for Won Sik Park to do well and I’d also love to know what happened to Kim Jong Won. He really impressed me in his first fight with Takaya in the FW GP. I hope he’s still training as well. WAR SUPER KOREANS!

  4. TOM
    November 14, 2009 at 6:13 pm

    A lot of potential but if he is eyeballing JZ next then he is retarded. He will lose again. Not the path to the championship IMO.

  5. Mohamud
    February 13, 2010 at 4:50 am

    Oh my GOD this just made my day. I thought he retired for a sec. Im not even lying I just made a Bring back Bu kyung jung Group on facebook. I agree with tom jong man kim was awsome in his debut too. Im so happy

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