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SRC Damashii! Episode 6

Exclusive footage of Mizuto Hirota in this episode.

  1. S
    November 17, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    SENGOKU News: TV Tokyo Makes Yasuda Pay!!

    Ace Japanese Reporter Gryphon just dug up some new news on the Sengoku situation and shares via twitter. It’s seems that Sengoku isn’t folding, but are being made to pay for their TV rights for New Year’s Eve:

    Although ISHII vs YOSHIDA is greatcard,By SENGOKU nagotiation mistake,No TV come.An only one station is TV TOKYO,but they demand money
    TV tokyo demand money,.to broadcast SENGOKU event…Anyway,Not TVstation pay SENGOKU but SENGOKU pay TV station……This is commedy!!
    SENGOKU owner YASUDA(billioner in japan)get angry finally!! So SENGOKU NY eve will fail……This is PLAYBOY article,post said so..

    It seems that Segoku is ready to put on an event, but can’t seem -to get iy it together on the TV.So that’s why WVR is co-promoting with FEG.

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